Haythem Mohamad - Saturday - The Dragonfly Stage 4.20pm

Haythem is, by definition, a guitarist. However, using modern technology (loop stations, effects pedals, and computer-based programs), as well as percussive techniques and a general proficiency with the guitar, he is able to create various soundscapes from funky and beat-driven music, to ambient 'spacey' sounds. He does this all for the love of music and playing the instrument. His music is influenced by Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indian Classical Music, Electronic, Funk, Soul and Metal, to name a few genres.

He is also known for his stand-up comedy, which seems to appear out of nowhere throughout his live shows.

No one wants to read a long 'about me' page, do they? Just click on the 'watch' link at the top to see a whole host of videos.