The Essential Checklist

With your favourite family-friendly music festival just around the corner, it’s time to start packing. We’ve put together an incredible line-up to make sure Corbridge Festival 2019 is the highlight of your summer – so don’t let that be spoiled by a lack of spare socks! To help you remember everything you need, we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist of festival essentials. From gazebos to glitter, we’ve thought of everything that could come in handy… 


The Daytime Essentials…


First thing’s first - tickets. Despite being the most important festival necessity, these little pieces of paper are extremely easy to forget. Before you leave, check that everyone’s tickets are stored safely and that they’re easy to access at the entrance. After all, no one likes a queue-holder-upper! Alternatively you can download tickets onto your phone and we can scan it from there. If you haven’t bought your tickets, you can buy them here. But hurry, they’re selling fast!


If you’re lucky enough to look under 25, remember to bring your ID. Without it, we’ll be unable to serve you alcohol, which means you won’t be able to try our delicious cocktails and local beers. Devastating, right?!

Waterproof Jacket

We all know British weather is painfully unpredictable, so come prepared. To make sure a bit of drizzle doesn’t stop you enjoying our star-studded line up, keep a light waterproof jacket in your bag. This’ll also come in handy when the weather gets a bit chillier in the evening. 

Wellies or Practical Shoes

Our fields can get very muddy when it rains, so be sure to pack some wellies if it’s looking a bit grey. If it’s sunny, it’s still important to choose shoes that are comfortable and practical because you’ll be on your feet a lot throughout the day. They better be suitable for dancing too, since our incredible music line up will make it impossible not to throw shapes!

Daytime Bag

Remember, whichever bag you bring, you’ll be carrying it throughout the whole day while watching lots of performances, walking through big crowds and doing many activities (I mean, just look at everything we’ve got going on). So try not to bring a ginormous bag containing everything but the kitchen sink. Belt bags are one of the most useful festival essentials as they’re hands-free and extremely comfy. However, if you find these a bit too small, a light backpack can be convenient too. Just be sure to only pack what you need. 

Funky Outfit

Ok, so this might not be that essential - but it’s fun, so we’re adding it to this list. Festival outfits are famed for being fun and quirky, so don’t be afraid to let your hair down and wear something crazy. Whether it’s a dab of glitter, or full fancy dress costume, we want our Corbridge Fest-ers to wear whatever makes them feel fantastic. Just make sure it’s comfy, of course!

Sun Protection

Sun, remember that? Believe it or not, it does still make an appearance – and it’s especially likely to do so on the last weekend of June. To protect yourself against those rays, don’t forget to pack essentials like sun cream, sunglasses and a sun hat. If it is on the warm side, we recommend wearing cool layers, so you can heat up and cool down as you please.  

Camping Chair

You're in it for the long hall so don't forget your camping chair. Picnic rugs are great but when you get a family parked up infront of you with camping chairs, it can difficult to see the stage. So, If you cant beat em, join em! Just be warned, you will need to pack them up (or move back) for the last few acts as most of our party people will be moving and shaking to the beats.

Wet Wipes

Another trick to help with the no-showering situation is to bring lots of wet wipes (preferably biodegradable). Even if you do use our on-site showers, wipes will keep you prepared for any festival-prone spillages like mud splashes or beer dripples. This will come in especially handy for parents, whose little nippers have a high chance of being covered in ice cream and face paint.



The Camping Essentials…

A Perfectly Sized Tent

We’ll start with the obvious – you’ll need a tent. If you’re camping alone or in a pair, don’t be fooled by a one or two-man tent, otherwise you’ll have no room to stand up (which makes getting ready a challenge) and no room to comfortably fit yourself and your belongings. However, if a tent’s too big, it’ll be difficult to carry from the carpark to the campsite and it’ll take a long time to put up. We recommend a 4-person tent per two people, as it’s just the right amount of space to be both comfortable and practical.

Air Bed

A good night’s sleep on the Friday night will leave you feeling fresh and energised for the fun-packed day ahead. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a comfy air mattress, rather than braving the floor or a roll-mat. Because no one wants to be stiff and groggy for Fun Lovin’ Criminals and The Futureheads.

Sleeping Bag

It’s a good idea to invest in a good quality, well-insulated sleeping bag, as a cheaper version may leave you feeling too chilly. If you don’t fancy spending extra, or if you would prefer to use your normal duvet, make sure you pack extra layers!


Ditch the ‘it’s just one night I’ll sleep on my rolled-up hoodie’ mentality and bring a comfortable pillow. If you’ve got an inflatable camping cushion, bring that. And if not, a normal bed pillow will still suffice.   

Large Re-Fillable Water Bottle  

Our camping areas have communal drinking water taps that free to use whenever you need. To save you traipsing back and forth, bring a large bottle to see you through most of the day. A lot of stores sell collapsible camping bottles for a few pounds.  


Without a torch or lantern, night time tasks like popping to the loo or getting changed into your PJs can turn into a difficult challenge. So don’t forget to pack one! It’s also best to opt for a real torch instead of using your phone’s, as most tents contain a special torch tie on their ceilings.    


This isn’t an essential, but it can come in handy for those camping in big groups. By setting up a gazebo outside your tent, your group will have a sheltered, private place to sit, eat and chat. Even if it’s drizzly, everyone can cosy up under the gazebo to have a cuppa or eat breakfast.

Camping Chairs

If you don’t fancy sitting on the grass, it’s a good idea to bring your own foldaway chairs. Whether you’re gathering outside of your tent in the camping area or watching some of our afternoon acts near the mainstage, an easy-to-carry chair can make sure you’re comfortable all day. 

Warm Sleepwear

Even if the weather’s lovely and sunny, nights are always colder than you’d expect when camping. We recommend bringing lots of warm layers to sleep in, like warm pyjamas, a jumper, fluffy socks and thermal leggings. It’s better to over-layer than to spend the night shivering!

Spare Socks

There’s something about camping that makes us go through socks at lightening speed. Bring lots of spares so you can prepare yourself for leaky shoes, cold feet or rubbing wellies.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You can stay in the great outdoors and still have squeaky clean gnashes - so remember to bring a toothbrush and a travel sized tube of toothpaste. It might, however, be a bit tricky to clean them in the dark before bed, so perhaps bring some breath mints as a backup. 


When you’re too busy thinking about glittery outfits and New York City headliners, necessities like medication can easily be forgotten. Before you set off, double check that any important prescriptions are packed!   

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo and festivals are a match made in heaven. While we do have on-site showers, there’s not a lot – so most people find it easier to go without. To survive a shower-less weekend, be sure to pack some dry shampoo. No one will ever know!

Wet Wipes

Don't forget them!

Hair Brush and Hair Accessories

Sleeping in a tent isn’t exactly hair-do-friendly, so don’t forget a hairbrush. And if you fancy trying out some classic festival hairstyles like alien buns or glitter braids, it’s a good idea to pack some hair accessories too!


In case of rain, pack a towel (a lightweight camping towel, if you’ve got one). That way you can dry off after a soggy day outside.


It’s a good idea to pre-plan your outfits so you don’t pack too much or forget anything important. Be sure to bring a spare outfit too, just in case there’s a spillage or you need something more weather-appropriate. 

Now that you’re all packed, relax. It’s time to look forward to the wonderful weekend that’s yet to come! Get ready for some sensational music acts, activities, shows, drinks and food.  We’ve got everything from 90s and 00s chart-toppers to undiscovered local talent, yoga workshops to family raves, and tandoori naans to fish and chips. Remember, tickets are selling fast - so buy yours now if you haven’t already!  

Did we mention Wet Wipes?!


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